Car Wraps: Spread Your Brand's Message like Wildfire

When it comes to local advertising, there are few options that can compare with car wraps. Whenever your vehicle is on the road, your brand’s message gets noticed by motorists and pedestrians. Custom vinyl car wraps are also a great alternative to paint – they can be applied quickly so you can rapidly start creating impressions in your local market. At Burg City Signs, we take pride in providing high-quality car wraps in the St. Petersburg area, turning your company vehicles into mobile billboards. Our experts ensure that your original body paint remains untouched; the vinyl wrap leaves no trace when you have it removed. 

We produce exclusive car wraps for all types of vehicles. Whether you own a sports car, sedan, SUV, or a truck, we can design an eye-catching vinyl wrap for your vehicle. Instead of working with a set of designs, we create a unique wrap for each client. Our designers work closely with every client to ensure you get exactly the vinyl wrap you want – one that matches your business theme and personality. We use only best-in-class materials and we add a UV protection layer to ensure that your car wrap stays vibrant. 

Car Wrap

Custom Car Wraps vs. Paint

Investing in a car wrap rather than paint is a smart choice. Paint is bound to fade with time, while vinyl wraps with UV coating will retain their shine and keep your vehicle like new. There are limitless design options with vehicle wraps, which can be customized to your preference, whereas paint offers only standard colors. Vinyl car wraps and decals also provide a layer of protection to your car’s body paint. When you decide to sell your vehicle, you can get the wrap removed, and still have your car’s original body paint.

Promote Your Brand in St. Petersburg, FL

The effectiveness of any advertisement depends upon many factors, and one important metric is impressions. Car wraps are a long-term investment, and once installed, they can generate thousands of impressions for at least three to five years. Vehicle wraps incur minimal or no maintenance costs, which makes them one of the most affordable forms of advertising in the long run. Custom car wraps help your brand build a solid local presence, and deliver your message directly to your target audience. Having wrapped company vehicles consistently visible in your local St. Petersburg area helps you build the well-deserved perception of a trusted local brand. 


Burg City Signs is a one-stop-shop for all your signage requirements. Along with unique, attention-grabbing car wraps, we also specialize in producing all types of custom business signs, banners, and trade show displays. Get in touch with us today and upgrade your visual communications.